Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Day 234

I think I mentioned the challenge at Digital Photography School yesterday. Here are my shots (retaken today at the correct ISO) for the challenge. I was really happy with a few of them, considering that I could not shoot, chimp, shoot again, adjust, shoot again, etc. (For those who are wondering, “chimping” is looking at the camera’s lcd screen.)

DPS Challenge collage

We will be off camping Thurs-Sat, but I will probably post photos from my phone, just because I can. “See” ya on Sunday!

Oh! One more note – I won the bi-weekly challenge at OPS! It’s exciting! Here’s the photo that won it for me…

If you’re an OPS member, make sure to enter a photo in Challenge #21 – the theme is Summer Fun!


BDSpellman said...

Beautiful capture of the poppy. It deserves an award. (What's OPS?)

Bryan the PK

Sandra said...

Congratulations! It's an awesome image. Love how it's reaching for the sky. Great anle.

Tess said...

I love that Poppy! It's gorgeous! I haven't even been on OPS in a while. *bag* Those pics did turn out great for not being able to chimp and adjust. :) Very well done.

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