Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Day 233

ARGH! I had my ISO all the way up for a shot inside my dark trailer, and I forgot to change it back before taking shots for a challenge over at Digital Photography School. All the shots I took for the challenge are so grainy I wouldn’t dare submit them. GRRRR! But I really loved this one of Nathan, so I played with it in Picnik. I used the 1960’s effect on it since it was so grainy anyway.
Cool Beans picniked

You may have seen this on Facebook…
Kindling collage
Ken split kindling and tied it in bundles in preparation for our camping trip. He’s such a good guy!


Sandra said...

1960's look really works for this picture. How exciting you get to go camping. Where to? for how long? That kindling wood will be a neccesity out in the woods.

Eric L said...

Ooh, done that before. Have fun on your camping trip though!

Tess said...

It works! Have a great time camping! He really is a great guy. :)

Mel said...

looks great, that treatment really works. Have fun camping!

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