Thursday, June 18, 2009

Day 235

Okay, so I’m sneaking in a post before we leave.

These are shots I’ve taken over the last few days as we’ve prepared for this camping trip. The rest of the trips we take this summer shouldn’t take so much preparation because everything is gathered now, and all fixed up for camping. Ken changed the oil on the Scriburban, the gear is all back in the trailer where we normally keep it, the kitchen doodads are all re-gathered. I’m hopeful that for the rest of the summer we’ll be able to pack food and clothes and just go when we want.

Preparing for camping


Tess said...

Have a great and SAFE trip!

Sandra said...

Awesome Elli! Have a great camping trip.

Jen said...

Have a great time camping!

Eric L said...

Have fun! Scriburban, LOL

BDSpellman said...

I'm envious. I want to get out so badly, but circumstances keep getting in the way.

Have a great (and safe) trip!


Your Organizing Guru said...

Love that shot of the suitcases all lined up! Have fun camping!!!! ~J

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