Saturday, January 31, 2009

Day 97

I finally got downstairs to practice a different setup with my lights. This time I had my key light up high, above my head at 12 o'clock to my subject, and my fill light down low (as low as the tripod would go) at about 1 o'clock. The fill (it's a flash) was set at 1/16th because it got rid of all shadows if it was on full power.

All poses were Caleb's choice. I did ask him to do a few things, but he had his own agenda, so here he is. (I was going to use a different kid, but they were all busy outside.)

Dub Collage

I took a few other photos today too, so you get a few extras. We had some serious wind all night last night, and my mom's house suffered some didn't really need those shingles, did you, Mom?

Mom's roof

Shingles blew across the yard and even down the street. I think the neighbor is lucky that this shed thing didn't come down!
shingles in the ditch

And then a shot of my mom's prized possession...
flamingo splat
In case you can't figure it out, it's supposed to be a flamingo that splatted on a windshield. Mom has him prominently displayed on her front door. It's very easy to find her house.   

Friday, January 30, 2009

Day 96

I didn't take many shots today...but when I was trying for more natural light shots my little man kept telling me no more. But I'm persistent. I took several shots of him while he was watching Dora the Explorer. I really need to get back downstairs in my studio - I have some things I want to try with my lights, but I just haven't gotten down there to do it. I haven't gotten on my treadmill either. Ergh. Well,'s Caleb again.

no more pictures

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Day 95

I did not even pick my camera up to shoot anything until 6:30!! Gak! But then I had fun playing with my flash off-camera, and shooting my new Christmas tree topper that doesn't top a tree. I just like it, so it sits on my mantel. It sparkles and captures everyone's attention. And it makes fun shadows!

Seeing stars thin border

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Day 94

I was practicing with window light today. I didn't get any shots I was absolutely thrilled with (I had trouble focusing and keeping my reflector in place), but I got a few that were okay...

Caleb with natural light
This one is slightly out of focus, but the target was moving! (This was just window light - no reflector.)

Nathan natural light
Another one slightly out of focus, and for the same reason. You can see by his left hand that he was in motion. I did not have it set at a high enough shutter speed for that. (Window light - same window as above - with a reflector between me and him - I was holding it at an angle below my chin.)

Andrew natural light
I don't convert to black and white often because I haven't found a way to do it in Paint Shop Pro that doesn't look muddy. I like the contrast on Andrew's face in this shot, and I like the black and white because it takes away some the busyness of the background and his shirt. (This was essentially the same setup as the previous picture, although I think the reflector was slightly more behind Andrew.)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Day 93

My two little friends came back to visit today! They even let me take a picture of them together! Well, actually, I took about 5, but this was the only one that came out worth posting. They are so cute, but once they hear that shutter click, they're DONE!

Daniel and Sissy landscape

I also received my first order for studio photos! I'm excited! K and her mom were pleased with the shots we got on Saturday - so pleased that they chose 6 different poses to order! Yay! I am so happy that I was able to provide them with photos they love!

I've been having a little struggle in my studio...apparently Molly believes the floor prop is hers. Every time we're down there she has to get into the action...
Molly in studio
This "pose" is the result of a stern, "Molly, OUT!" It worked well, wouldn't you say?

This was yet another occasion (both this morning). Yep, she's really gotten that "out" thing down.Molly in studio again

Monday, January 26, 2009

Day 92

Here are a few snippets of Monday life...

Another trip to the Olde Coffee Mill specifically to take some pictures:
OCM cookies
(Sorry Eric...these ones are behind glass so you're not even going to get a sniff.)

Ken helping Fancy with Geometry homework:

And more Geometry:
Geometry 3
(But she's a Super Reader! Her pencil says so!)  

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Day 91

Another quick post before I head to church for our Sunday evening prayer service. We had pancakes for dinner. Yum!!

pancake steam

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Day 90

Quick post tonight because I'm not feeling very well. This young lady is my first paying session in my studio! I used my Tamron 28-75, and it's not nearly as sharp as my 50mm. I won't be using it for studio portraits again. So here's K - she was sweet and very natural in front of the camera.

Kali 9

Kali 11

Friday, January 23, 2009

Day 89

I know I post a lot of pictures of Caleb, but he's the one who's around when I have time to practice. For of these days clients will be beating down my door! Ken, my sweet husband, put together this floor "prop" for me today. Yay! Now it almost looks like a studio instead of an exercise room! Next stop, backdrops! (and rechargeable batteries for my flashes!)

Caleb on the studio floor

I'm still working on getting rid of those low shadows on the wall - there are bookcases in the way so I can't get my flash  where I need it to lighten those shadows. Guess that means I need another light! A little one just for the backdrop. Hmmm...the list keeps growing.

Here's one more of my floor. Oh, and my dog. lol.

Molly on studio floor

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Day 88

Today was another scone testing day. We went to our favorite scone cafe and enjoyed strawberry cream cheese scones and rich, dark coffee. Well, Caleb and Ken had other treats, but that's beside the point. The scones were delicious! I took the opportunity to take a few pictures of the breads and cookies they had available, and the owner asked if I would share any good shots I got. I told her I'd be happy to work something out with her.

These loaves of bread looked really good...they're right up against the side of the display case - that's why they're cut off.

Portuguese Sweet Bread

Here is one of the baristas hard at work. They make great mochas here too, but I didn't indulge that much today. I thought the cream cheese scone was enough cheating for today.

OCM Barista

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Day 87

I didn't get much of a chance for photos today. I was doing a lot of running and such today, but Fancy and I had a few extra minutes before her dr. appointment, so we played around a bit. I didn't get anything really great, but here's one from our mini-mini-shoot.

Fancy in hamilton edit


In answer to Michelle's question about yesterday's photo:

LightingSetup for glass

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Day 86

I tried some different lighting with one of my goblets today. I also tried some different lighting with a person, but I wasn't excited about any of the shots I got today. Here's the goblet...

Grasshopper goblet

This goblet is the favorite of a couple of my kids - they love the grasshoppers. I have some wonderful goblets!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Day 85

I worked on studio lighting a bit more today. I have been scouring YouTube for lighting videos, picking the brains of my photography friends, and practicing on anybody who stands still near my studio. I tried some different things that didn't work as well...but that's okay. It's all a learning process.

Felice head shot
(Thanks to my precious friend Felice for being my model - without prior notice.)

We have frost on everything...we had pretty, long hoarfrost earlier today, but a breeze came up and blew all the nice long "spokes" off the frost. Grrr.

Frozen Mountain Ash berries

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Day 84

I didn't take many pictures today, and I only got one real keeper, so you get Caleb again. I just love this one. I'm still working with my lights, moving them and testing, trying, moving, experimenting, adjusting, testing, moving, etc...

Caleb closeup

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Day 83

I liked how Dale's photo came out yesterday, so I tried it with Caleb today...

Caleb posing for me

I'm really liking this two-light setup!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Day 82

I did NOT forget today! I got both of my strobes working in my studio, and I had to practice a bit. Here's my new favorite shot...

Dale standing 2

This is my oldest son. He will be 11 in a few weeks. He actually volunteers to pose for me!

Day 81

It got by me again. I spent my computer time yesterday trying to make some changes to my blog. I ended up not getting what I wanted, and put it back the way it was (for the most part). But then I didn't get back to post my 365. That's two days in one week that I've missed! GAK!

Here is of my OPS friends kinda challenged us to look for letters in the objects around us. This isn't perfect, because I'd really like the object to reflect the subject, and an ironing board doesn't do that for Nathan, except that he will climb it if it's available, but it was just a quick attempt. I thought it was fun.



Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Day 80

I only took one picture today. Well, I took 3, but the other two weren't even worth transferring from the camera, so I ended up with one. I was playing with depth of field with my here's another shot of my Kristi Rose Toes...


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Day 79

Once upon a time there was a little, scrawny baby girl who had no muscle tone, and no ability to suck, let alone wiggle or speak. After a very long time (in her little life) she was able to wiggle, roll, scoot, and yell. After years in physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy, she can now throw attitude with the best of them...

speech tude


When the attitude doesn't work, try stalling...
speech think

Amy, our beloved speech therapist, isn't fazed by any of it. Surprisingly, the princess in pink is still expected to finish the task at hand (which, in this case, was to describe a cup). 

Day 78

I can't believe it! I missed my first day! In the busyness of getting the new modem working, and getting all the homework done (Mondays are always heavy on homework) it just slipped by me. Ergh.

I was working on an idea for the Reflections challenge on OPS, and I couldn't get the shot I wanted because my main model was not as cooperative as I'd like. I did get this shot though - not exactly what I was hoping for in terms of composition and clutter, but I loved how clear Molly looked in the shot.

Molly in mirror
(This shot was taken on the right day - just posted a day late.)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Day 77

Is it going to work to attach 2 files? Us it possible that I can blog multiple photos at once?

Caleb didn't feel like eating his peanut butter circle, so he got creative with it.
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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Day 76

Well, I'm getting through these days without my computer internet, but it's not easy! I have learned some good new things about my awesome phone though. I am able to transfer photos from my computer to my phone and then send the photos to my blog or my flickr. Yay!

I am getting my studio set up in my basement. I am waiting for one more piece, and then I'll have a great two-light setup! Whoohoo! Here's a test shot I took this morning. I did this before finding a backdrop...I was bummed about the backdrop situation because I adore this photo!
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Friday, January 9, 2009

Day 75

Okay. I've been messing this up all's my day 75...finally.
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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Day 74

Here is my husband after spending the evening on the phone trying to get our internet problems figured out. Poor guy...I'm sure he just wanted to sit and relax.
Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

Day 74 - Aaaahhh!

My modem is dead! I can only use my phone for internet access. What am I going to do for the next two or three days? If I can, I'll get a photo posted from here...I hate to miss my first day for a broken modem!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Day 73

I spent most of the morning trying to get a studio set up in my basement. I don't yet have the lights I need to get even lighting, but I did get stuff cleared out, and get a space prepared. Caleb and I were playing around, and he had a lot of fun with the camera remote...

Dubs posing

Dubs posing again


And Mommy and Dubs
Me and Dubbers

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Day 72

I was playing with my new light setup again...I got one shot today that I really liked! And the model posed without complaint or disobedience!!

my best model

I ordered a few goodies today, and I can't wait! I got a proper bracket for holding my flash on the stand, a little doobobby to allow me to actually use my old flash (with the fixed head) for something useful, and a second battery for my camera. Whoohoo! (All these things were inexpensive goodies, mostly from eBay.) I'm so excited!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Day 71

I got my umbrella and light stand today! Whoohoo!! And the lovely angel who sent them to me also included a wireless flash trigger, so I was able to play with my new setup right away!! I was so excited! Here is my first shot using a strobe and umbrella (by the way, the boy in the back is out of focus because he wasn't originally intended to be in the shot - he snuck in)...

first strobe shot

I'm looking forward to playing with this a lot more, but not tonight.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Day 70

I got my new wireless remote out so I could shoot some pictures with me in them. The kids thought the remote was fun! Here's one of my favorite shots...ignore the fact that the button pusher is terribly out of focus - my camera was set at f/5.0 to capture 3 of us sitting together, but that wasn't enough to get the boy when he moved 5 feet away.

funny practice
Apparently Nathan was alarmed at the thought of what Caleb might do with the remote.

It is not easy to get young kids to look at the camera, smile, and not do weird things...
Fancy, Nathan, and Caleb
(are you kids allergic to just sitting nicely?)

But there were these old folks who didn't mind sitting nicely (even if he looks a little stiff)...
me and my kenny  

They're not the best photos for lighting or posing, but it was just remote practice, so I'm not worried about that. I will work on the lighting later this week! Yay!! (I'm getting some new equipment soon.)

(The colors look weird in here - skin tones look grayish and the photos look dark. They don't look like that in PSP. What did I do? - Never mind...they look better posted on the web than they look in my blog editor.)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Day 69

I am soooo tired today! Good golly, Miss Molly! The sweet dog is freaked out by noises...and the wind kept flapping the dryer vent cover last night. So sweet Miss Molly kept us awake for a good (or bad) portion of the night. I took a nap, but it didn't help as much as I would have liked. I was able to get something done after my nap though...

Haircut collage

(I did not take these shots - Ken and Fancy did.) It takes me about 35-40 minutes to buzz these 5 heads. I leave the girls' hair to the professionals.

I also took this shot this morning out my front door...

morning mountains 4x6