Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Day 78

I can't believe it! I missed my first day! In the busyness of getting the new modem working, and getting all the homework done (Mondays are always heavy on homework) it just slipped by me. Ergh.

I was working on an idea for the Reflections challenge on OPS, and I couldn't get the shot I wanted because my main model was not as cooperative as I'd like. I did get this shot though - not exactly what I was hoping for in terms of composition and clutter, but I loved how clear Molly looked in the shot.

Molly in mirror
(This shot was taken on the right day - just posted a day late.)


Brittany said...

That is a really cool capture! What a sweet dog to lay nicely just how you needed!

Amanda said...

I'm glad that you're back online, and I would say you definitely have a good reason for not posting yesterday! That's a really neat photo.

Martin Wilkins said...

Great picture, smart dog...lol

Sandra said...

Really good picture Elli! Great job. I'm so glad you are back on.

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