Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Day 87

I didn't get much of a chance for photos today. I was doing a lot of running and such today, but Fancy and I had a few extra minutes before her dr. appointment, so we played around a bit. I didn't get anything really great, but here's one from our mini-mini-shoot.

Fancy in hamilton edit


In answer to Michelle's question about yesterday's photo:

LightingSetup for glass


Tess said...

Oh she looks so happy to be the subject of yet another photo shoot! LOL! That will be my kids in a few years....oh wait, they are that way now!

Your Organizing Guru said...

She's so lovely! ~J

Fingers To Toes Photography said...

She is a beautiful girl, what great lighting!

Amanda said...

This is another nice shot! I miss taking outside photos myself. I really like the brick setting.

Eric L said...



Looking back on these last few (or more that a few *shame* that I have missed, the lighting on your portraits, that goblet, it's improving by leaps and bounds!

And the posing, background, composition, natural (I'm assuming) light, color, all of that is improving so fast, it's outstanding.

Keep up the awesome work Elli!

P.S. Your going to have to send me some of yur links to lighting videos, I think I fixed my youtube problem, it was a security setting, DOH!

Thistle Creek Photography said...

love the brick wall, looks like a good practice subject.

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