Saturday, January 31, 2009

Day 97

I finally got downstairs to practice a different setup with my lights. This time I had my key light up high, above my head at 12 o'clock to my subject, and my fill light down low (as low as the tripod would go) at about 1 o'clock. The fill (it's a flash) was set at 1/16th because it got rid of all shadows if it was on full power.

All poses were Caleb's choice. I did ask him to do a few things, but he had his own agenda, so here he is. (I was going to use a different kid, but they were all busy outside.)

Dub Collage

I took a few other photos today too, so you get a few extras. We had some serious wind all night last night, and my mom's house suffered some didn't really need those shingles, did you, Mom?

Mom's roof

Shingles blew across the yard and even down the street. I think the neighbor is lucky that this shed thing didn't come down!
shingles in the ditch

And then a shot of my mom's prized possession...
flamingo splat
In case you can't figure it out, it's supposed to be a flamingo that splatted on a windshield. Mom has him prominently displayed on her front door. It's very easy to find her house.   


Amanda said...

Nice series of your son! I know nothing about studio lighting, but it looks good to me. The 1st is my favorite.
Looks like quite a storm. And it would be hard to miss your Mom's front door with that flamingo!

Your Organizing Guru said...

#1 - "I was going to use a different kid, but they were all busy outside." While we know you are guilt-ridden over not showing off more of you handsome brood, you do not have to make up excuses. Your youngest is adorable.
#2 - My what a storm! Glad everyone is ok.
#3 - It would have been ok if the pink turkey had flown the coop, now wouldn't it have? I laughed so hard at that bird for a full ten min!

Fingers To Toes Photography said...

LOL I love the last shot LOL That's great. Your lighting is great Love the shots of your son!

Sandra said...

Hi Elli
Your youngest again? LOL just kidding. He's adorable and you can still make him stay inside so why not? LOL
Wow your mom's roof looks sturdier that her neighbors shed and his is still intact?
Nice images - I'm having pink flamingo envy.

Brittany said...

That little Caleb is too CUTE! My Carson always asks to see him - I'm sure they'd be good friends if we just lived a LITTLE closer! The lighting looks good - but this is coming from someone that has never tried it. Keep it up!

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