Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Day 72

I was playing with my new light setup again...I got one shot today that I really liked! And the model posed without complaint or disobedience!!

my best model

I ordered a few goodies today, and I can't wait! I got a proper bracket for holding my flash on the stand, a little doobobby to allow me to actually use my old flash (with the fixed head) for something useful, and a second battery for my camera. Whoohoo! (All these things were inexpensive goodies, mostly from eBay.) I'm so excited!!


Sunshine & Smiles said...

You DID choose a GREAT model. Pooh has sat for me MANY times.

Great catchlights! lookin' good!!!!

Amanda said...

It is so exciting to order new stuff!! It looks like you are definitely doing great with your lighting!

Tess said...

You know what I think! It's perfect! Perfect model, too. :)

Sandra said...

I think it's perfect too! Keep up the good work and yay on your new purchases.

Rockwall 365 said...

Yep perfectly sweet like Honey!

Nice model too :)

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