Thursday, March 4, 2010


I took a series of Thankful Thursday photos today – my littlest woman was trying her very hardest to play football with the guys. She was jumping, reaching, squealing, running, for all she was worth…but I don’t think she’s going pro any time soon.
Notice how the ball keeps going behind her when she throws…oops. In the third shot you can see that Andrew has his eyes on the ball, but Kristi is not looking at it. That will make it harder to catch it. In #4, see that great leap? You can’t see the ball because it’s out of the top of the frame. Oh well, she tried. “Uncle Joey” (Felice’s brother) tried to throw it right to her, but even that didn’t work too well. She sure can jump though!

For those who are newer to my blog, you might find our family’s story interesting. The great thing about this little football woman is that when she was an infant there was no certainty that she would ever even walk. Not only does she walk, but she runs, jumps, skips, hops, rides, races, swings, leaps – she’s truly a walking miracle.

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