Wednesday, March 3, 2010


It feels like time for a rant. It’s my blog, so I can rant if I want, right?
A little history…
Molly is a sweet girl, but not particularly obedient. We have tried and tried to keep her in our yard, but she finds ways out no matter what we do, so several months ago (October, maybe?) we started chaining her out front every time she needs to go out. We let her go in the backyard to play when the kids are there, but we don’t leave her alone in the backyard anymore. Ever. 
So. The neighbors behind us (who, by the way, have had the police called on their domestic disturbances several times) have recently gotten a bulldog. The bulldog appears to be full grown, and is very territorial. Unfortunately he believes our yard is his territory. Our next-door neighbor (not the bulldog owner) stopped us the other day to tell us that the bulldog was in our yard threatening him and his 2-year-old daughter. We tried to shore up the fence where we thought the bulldog was coming through.
Today the bulldog was back in our yard. It went right home when I went outside, but then it proceeded to growl, snarl, and threaten me from the other side of the fence. I put pallets up where I saw the dog go through. I can’t build a fence in a morning, so that was the best I could do. This afternoon the dog was at the fence barking furiously at the kids and Molly, and snarling like it wanted to rip people apart. I went back there and saw the young man who sorta lives there (I think he comes and goes as he pleases) watching the dogs bark at each other. I called Molly to the house and told the guy that the bulldog needed to stay on his own side of the fence. He told me the dog isn’t dangerous. Yeah. (can you hear the sarcasm?)
Then the guy’s mother(?) told Andrew that Molly goes over the fence into their yard “every day.” I don’t think she gets out much. Molly hasn’t gone into their yard in months! We stopped putting her back there so she wouldn’t go into their yard. Did they not notice that? ARGH!
Apparently, if our peace-loving, kind, gentle dog goes into their yard it makes it okay for their homicidal, blood-thirsty beast to come into our yard and threaten to dismember people.

Okay. Done ranting. It looks like the next major expense will be a privacy fence.
I did get out and walkabout today! Yay! I’m not thrilled with this photo because I couldn’t get back far enough to get the entire statue/sculpture in the frame without getting in the street (I didn’t have a wide-angle lens handy). I’ll have to go back with another lens. But here it is – I can’t remember the name of this one, but it’s made up of vehicle pieces and parts. Pretty cool.


Your Organizing Guru said...

We opted for a privacy fence this summer. I was tired of not owning a dog and yet finding fresh large piles of dog poop in my yard daily.

The Ross Family said...

Oh bummer about the dog situation. Hopefully it gets resolved soon.
I like your photo although I have always wondered why they chose to put that particular statue right in the center of main street.

Brittany said...

Ugh, that dog thing is tough. It's true that big fences do make for great neighbors though! Good luck!

That statue is seriously awesome!

Sandra said...

Pretty scarey when she's barking and growling at your dog and kids! Not right at all. I hope there is a peaceful resolution in the near future.

Interesting walk about picture today.

Jennifer said...

Hope all all right in no time. Like that pix from walking

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