Friday, March 5, 2010


I am so done with food. I’ve been editing food photos for most of the last several weeks (in my photo editing time, anyway). So today is not Friday Food. It’s Friday Challenge instead.

This week’s challenge was to recreate a photo we love from another photographer. The photographer I chose is Chitra Aiyer (her work is amazing!), and the shot I wanted to recreate is this one. I didn’t have access to the same sort of flower, but I am reasonably happy with what I got.

I loved this challenge – really, really! And I spent a fair amount of time working on it today. 


Gary Schmeidler said...

Very nice Elli, love the yellow! Good focus even though I dont believe you have a macro lens.

Mel said...

very very nice! I love the yellow! What lens did you use for this?!

snaphappee said...

You're right Gary - I don't have a macro. Believe it or not (I couldn't believe it!) I used the 18-55 kit lens that came with my Rebel XT. I don't usually like that lens, but it served me well for this shot. I used that lens because it's the lens that was used for my inspiration shot (and I had one).

Brittany said...

Wow! That's great! I feel like I could just touch it through the computer.

Jennifer said...

So pretty yellow close up!

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