Thursday, December 31, 2009

It’s almost time!

I’m very excited to start my next 365 project! I’ll start tomorrow with my first daily theme photo. For my friends and followers, please be sure to keep an eye on My Project 365 Friends’ blogs (listed on the right) – there are at least 5 of us doing this together, so there will be a lot of great photos!

A photo blog is a bit boring without a photo, so here is Kristi – grounded to a chair after breaking her bedroom window. 
(Not fine art photography – I know. Just a snap of the moment.)


Sandra said...

I saw it on facebook - Sorry I can't help but feel sorry for her. I know I know - that face is hard to resist. I'm glad she didn't hurt herself.

Leslie said...

UhOh! I am looking forward to watching your blog again this year. I am so impressed that you can do daily - I was proud of once a week...and trying to up that a little this year but not to every day...yet ;) Happy New Year!

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