Monday, December 28, 2009

Good news!

Well, good news for those who enjoyed following my 365 project. I’m going to start another one in 2010. I have had waaaay too many days when I didn’t even pick up the camera. Myself and a few friends are going to do a new 365 project based on themes – we’re each choosing our own themes – so it will have a different twist. I will be doing a different theme for each day of the week…Sunday Snapshots, Monday Monochrome, etc… I’m looking forward to it!

So…don’t delete me from your reader! I’ll be back with lots and lots of pictures in just a few days!


BDSpellman said...


What a great idea. I find that there were way too many days, weeks, even the occasional month, when I didn't write anything in my blog. I would like to be part of any 365 project you guys are planning--maybe use that as an incentive. (It would also force me to write shorter blog posts.)

All the best in 2010!


Leslie said...

YAY - I loved watching your blog. That will be fun!!

Mel said...

Yay sounds like a great idea! I'm going to try 365 again, we'll see how it goes lol! I love looking back though from when I started this, so much has happened and its nice to have it all in one spot!

Sandra said...

Awesome Elli, I'm so glad we are doing this together again. WTG! Motivation!

Your Organizing Guru said...

I always love stalking your family ;) via your 365. Looking forward to 2010!!!

仔仔 said...


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