Friday, January 1, 2010


It’s January 1, 2010! Wow! I can’t believe it’s 2010. As I’ve mentioned before, I am starting a new 365 project with a group of friends. We have a Facebook group set up so you can find all of us there -

Today is Friday! (I’m guessing you knew that.) Friday’s theme is Food! My New Year’s Day turkey is roasting right now – it smells great in here!

. (3pm)

. (4pm)

. (5pm)


Here are a couple bonus photos (because I can’t post just one!)…
Kens dinner

This storyboard is from the CoffeeShop…there are a lot of great resources there!


Sandra said...

Looks like a great dinner Elli. Hey that story board is great but it looks like you have a few extra kids in there. LOL

snaphappee said...

Well, just 2 extras, and one of mine isn't in there. I keep telling my friend Felice that I'm going to claim her girls on my taxes, so I might as well have them in my collages!

Mel said...

looks yummy!! We did breakfast for dinner because we never did it for Christmas lol. Love the storyboard and the coffeeshop site, her storyboard actions make life so easy!

Jennifer said...

yummy dinner..

sweet kids!!

仔仔 said...


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