Sunday, March 1, 2009

Day 126

More studio fun today!

Kristi and Caleb 2

Kristi and Caleb 3

Nathan in March

Nathan's loose tooth   



Sandra said...

Elli, #1 & #3 are absolutely adorable. My, my how you have grown as a photographer. I am so proud of you!

Katie said...

I'm really liking the white background Elli! Great job!

Eric L said...

Ok, comment attepmt #3

Elli, these are great! However, I kept having to look at the stool, that things a peice of work!

Amanda said...

Elli! These are great!! You are doing a great job with your studio! Cute kids too!

Martin Wilkins said...

When are you going to take the plunge and shoot paying customers?

Your Organizing Guru said...

Is that a loose tooth I see? ~J

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