Monday, March 2, 2009

Day 127

I worked on getting my lighting a little less flat (flat light offers little contrast and few shadows - gives less definition to the subject). I attempted to decrease the power of my secondary flash for this shot by bouncing the flash into the white umbrella and moving it further away from my subject.

Felice helping me practice

I had to take some Nyquil to combat this sinus thing, and I'm completely wiped out.

(Thanks for Felice for being my spur-of-the-moment model again.)


Brittany said...

I am mega impressed with your studio shots!!! You're AWESOME!!! I'd love for you to back up sometime and give us a shot of your setup. Keep it up!

Sandra said...

Great job Elli. Wow, that studio is working out awesome for you! I'm amazed at how fast you've moved on.

Anonymous said...

Good shot.bassetcase

Eric L said...

Wow Elli, already trying out new tricks! Still think this one looks a tad flat, but I'm sure you'll get exactly wat your looking for, whatever that is ;)

Amanda said...

This is really good!! I went back and looked at your day 85; your lighting technique has improved greatly! Wonderful job!

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