Saturday, February 28, 2009

Day 125

I tried some stuff in my studio again this evening. I put another light in my studio to light the backdrop. It's just a clamp light with a CFL in it (I'm using compact fluorescent because the other light in the room is fluorescent), but it really helped eliminate the shadows I had on the background previously. Fancy was quite willing to pose for me. Notice the cool burl stool she's leaning on - that was one of a pair I bought at the auction the other night. Got an awesome deal on very cool props!!

Fancy with stool

Fancy pink tank


Sandra said...

Look at you! Taking it to a different level! Great job. I like the lighting on the second one best - only suggestion I have is that camera should be a little bit higher so she's not looking down KWIM?
And Fancy looks great. Did you bribe her?

Eric L said...

Just realized I hadn't commented!

Great shots, love the stool, and very creative setup!

Your Organizing Guru said...

Nice! You've got to tell me more about the auction! ~J

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