Sunday, February 1, 2009

Day 98

What a Super Bowl!! The last few minutes of the game were exciting - even to a non-football fan! Our family enjoyed the game at the church Super Bowl party. We had a lot of good food...

(My stuffed wheat bread)
Stuffed wheat bread

(Brandi's fabulous, best ever, have everything, softer than anything cookies)
Brandi's cookies

And when I wasn't chatting or watching the game, I was making goofy faces at this precious little man. This is just a snapshot, and a blurry one at that, but I love his expression!
E and his tongue
(This little man showed up in one of my blogs a couple months ago as a newborn. He's a chunk of cuddly baby now!)

On to sad, frustrating, irritating news... My 20d is having problems. It won't shoot when I press the shutter button. Well, it will, but not immediately, and not every time. This showed up a few days ago, but I thought it was the non-Canon battery. I put the Canon battery in, and it seemed better, but then it got progressively worse. Am I going to have to send it in to Canon? Or is there some magic pill I don't know about? Anyway, I have rediscovered how bad the focus problems were with the XT. Out of the 67 shots I took today, there were only a handful that were even worth keeping because of the focus problems. At least now I know for sure that it was always the camera, and not just me.

Thanks for following my rambles... After all that fun and frivolity, I'm ready for bed!

Late addition:

WHOOHOOOOOOOO!!!! We didn't check our mail yesterday, so Ken picked it up this evening. In the mail there was a letter from the hospital that did my ERCP's saying they'd reviewed our application for assistance, and had adjusted my bill by the whole amount!! We don't owe that hospital ANYTHING!!! WHOOHOOOOOO!!! Thank you, Lord!!


Dana said...

Was this the BEST Superbowl weekend or WHAT?!? The food, the friends, the children, the oh-so-close game... and knowing that tomorrow we have a brand new day to make new memories!! AMAZING GOD!! {{{HUGS!!!}}}

Heather Georger said...

Yummy!!! No where's the recipes? :)

Sandra said...

It was an exciting superbowl! Yay!
That bread looks delicious. Can I have a piece?
Sorry to hear about your camera. Maybe next time you should purchase a Nikon - LOL

Eric L said...

Elli, first off, CONGRAT'S on the bill!!!

I agree with Sandra, maybe buy a nikon? ;)

Ok, seriously, take a super thin needle, and insert it in the small space around the shutter button and try scraping the dust out of it. You may be habing a contact failure.

Anonymous said...

Hooray. Now keep the family out Of the ER!! bassetcase

Amanda said...

The food looks delicious!! Hope you get your camera back in working order soon!

Mel said...

what a great weekend! that bread'm hungry now lol! and great news about the hospital!

Martin Wilkins said...

What good news on your hospital bill, as for the 20d my 30 has exactly the same symptoms, its now in the cupboard gathering dust so when you find out whats wrong with it please tell

Brittany said...

Being from Arizona and growing up embarrassed that the Cardinals were our football team I was pretty excited to find out that they've gotten good enough to actually be in the Superbowl. It was an exciting game!


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