Thursday, November 20, 2008

Day 25

I finally got to have my session for the newborn today! Yay! But...the little man was not very cooperative as far as our plans were concerned. Oh well...he's still adorable and precious. While I was waiting for him to settle down for sleep, I took some shots of his sister and brother. They are adorable too!

5 blog rounded Mister E

This was my favorite shot of the baby.


3 blog rounded Miss A and Mister A for blog

Here are his sister and brother. These rounded corner templates were created by Jenn over at Design by Jenn.

And here's my favorite shot from the session...

Aidan 1


Anonymous said...

what rounded corners? bassetcase

Tess said...

Love that last one! It's adorable!

Eric L said...

Looks like a good session Elli!

Design by Jenn said...

FUN, Elli! I love 'em!

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