Wednesday, December 19, 2012

December 19, 2012

After all the craziness of the day Gavin was done.


  1. I spent almost the whole day with my beautiful daughter Jenny and her children.
  2. Our family doctor squeezed Jenny’s son in for a quick check when Gavin had his well-child check. I love how they work with us.
  3. Gavin didn’t need shots today!
  4. His physical therapist is very happy with the quality of his movements – yay! (He may not be gaining weight or speaking, but his gross motor skills are doing great!)
  5. My beloved cooked me dinner tonight. He’s awesome.

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Your Organizing Guru said...

Gavin is too busy listening to all the chatter going on around him. :) But I'll bet he's learning from all that chatter!

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