Tuesday, December 11, 2012

December 11, 2012

Gavin is so attached to Aunt Felice lately!


  1. School went fast today – which is good because I didn’t get enough sleep last night.
  2. I got my mom’s Christmas tree up. I didn’t decorate it, and I didn’t even get all the lights working right (ERGH!), but it’s up and lit. It’s about time! (I also finally remembered to fix up the strap she needed for her chair. ‘Bout time for that, too!)
  3. I started my new task at work in earnest today – it was brain-taxing, but it went pretty well.
  4. One more week until I get to see Jenny and the kids!
  5. I think I’ll get some sewing time today! Yay! It’s been so long!

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