Wednesday, December 12, 2012

December 12, 2012

My Sweetie. I'm gonna keep him.


  1. Gavin walked! He turned away from the table he was standing at and walked 18 consecutive steps before dropping to hands and knees so he could crawl out the open door at top speed. Yay! (I did catch him before he got out the door.)
  2. I have a high tolerance for pain – or as is said of my “sensory” kids, I under-register pain. Good thing for me! I did one of my signature, “She-walks-in-grace-and-beauty” moves and caught myself up in the equipment at Gavin’s pediatric rehab appointment. I didn’t think I had hurt myself when I landed on my knee, although it felt like my jeans scraped it up a little. Hmmm…well, that was true. It is scraped. And it kinda looks like someone stuck a plum to the front of my leg. It didn’t really hurt until I found out how big the lump was! (The picture really doesn’t do the lump justice.)
  3. Weirdness. I was getting ready to start working in the silent trailer and singing "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" to myself. I sat down, started Pandora, and BarlowGirl came on singing that very song - in the same key.
    Did Pandora hear me?
  4. Nana invited the whole family out to enjoy dinner with her and Grandpa for their birthdays. Yay! We had a very nice meal at Fiesta En Jalisco.
  5. The kids were very well-behaved at the restaurant. I think it’s the first time we didn’t have to correct any obnoxious behavior at all. Whoohoo for good kids!

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Your Organizing Guru said...

Hooray for good kids! And OWWWWW for your knee.

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