Sunday, November 4, 2012

November 4, 2012


1. Making cupcakes with Caleb. He’s really excited about cooking these days, and he specifically wanted to take cupcakes to the church potluck, so he got to make them. He did really well – I wanted to eat them all before church!

2. I spent a significant amount of time planning our Adoption/Family party. I can’t wait to celebrate our amazing family!

3. Two of our sons were baptized today. Baptism doesn’t get you to heaven, but it shows a heart that wants to follow Jesus, and it thrills me that my boys both wanted to be baptized.

4. We had a fun potluck after the very special service at church. It was a great evening in God’s house.

5. God answered my prayer to relieve my back pain, at least for the day. Yay!

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