Thursday, October 25, 2012

October 25, 2012

Everyone else had their turn playing on the Game Boy today - Little Man wanted his turn too!


1. Little Man walked a few steps several times today. He’s going to do it on his own soon!

2. We sat down and had dinner as a family for the second night in a row! It’s been so crazy that we’ve gotten too scattered to have all our dinners together lately.

3. I love this song – Your Grace Still Amazes Me.

4. God meets our every need. What a relief. That’s not to say He meets them all the way we expect, but He never lets us down.

5. image
I love some of the conversations in Scrivnerburg. Life is funny here! By the way, Philip got the correct answer – but that leads to another funny. On Tuesday I had been taking a few M&M’s out of the bag each time I passed it. On Wednesday I went to take a few out of the bag and said to myself, “Oh man! I ate a LOT of these yesterday!” Then Ken posted this status to Facebook and I realized it wasn’t all my fault. Whew!

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