Saturday, September 29, 2012

September 29, 2012

DeBorgia Cemetery, DeBorgia, Montana
This was my favorite shot from today's work day. One crew from our church worked here at the cemetery planting fence posts.


1. Camping on a mission/service trip. A doubly fun time!

2. We woke to sunshine and no smoke! Hallelujah!

3. Man, can these people work! The whole combined crew – ours from Bitterroot Family Fellowship, and the crew from New Day Fellowship in Haugan – cranked out all the tasks that needed to be done (except the one we couldn’t do due to fire restrictions) and we had some time to goof off by 3pm! I want to note that one of the hardest working people out there today was our son Austin. He is a workhorse.

4. Jessica Liner and I “helped” our new friend Alan (the pastor of New Day Fellowship) put together his new grill. He’s a fun supervisor. Smile We all laughed the whole time.

5. It was just a great day.

Bonus blessing – Caleb got hit in the eye with a piece of wood while people were loading a truck (not the blessing), but he wasn’t seriously hurt, and one of the workers was a physician who checked it out immediately. God had it all worked out for us.


Unknown said...

You are amazing Elli. I have NO idea how you do it all. Your family is blessed to have you, for sure!! And that is an absolutely lovely picture.

Unknown said...

Not sure why I showed up anonymous. :)
- Priscilla

Anonymous said...

nice shot. What did Austin do that made you comment? We all know he's a worker. bc

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