Monday, September 10, 2012

September 10, 2011

There were so many internet/cell phone troubles today that I never got around to taking a picture, let alone uploading one to the internet. Craziness! Here’s a picture from yesterday just for the fun of it.
mmm chocolate pudding and soap bubbles
One sure way to clean the chocolate pudding off your face is to eat soap bubbles, right?


1. We don’t need a flawless internet to survive.

2. The kids are still enjoying school and working hard.

3. My friend who lives very, very close to the evacuation zone in Hamilton is safe. We are praying for her and her family.

4. We have a happy family – despite some of the sounds you may here coming from our house. Our kids are always laughing, joking, pointing out the fun, funny, and amazing things they see…they’re happy.

5. Cooler temps are coming – that’s good news for the fires and the smoke.

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