Saturday, August 11, 2012

August 11, 2012

Saturday snaps – (clockwise) Austin with his lawn mowing money; Caleb the sickie; a stack of prepared diapers – yay!; lengths of two different pink jersey fabric – a yard sale treasure; Andrew in his Tennessee Vols hat – he wears it all the time.


1. We had a low-key Saturday. We have a couple sickies and a couple with emerging symptoms, so we’ve been dosing kids with vitamins and just laying low. We probably needed a mellow day after the crazy-busy summer we’ve had.

2. My sweetie bought Drumsticks with nuts on them just for me.

3. I love this song, and I love Phillips, Craig, and Dean.

4. Have I ever mentioned “1-2-3-4, now it’s time to praise the Lord?” It’s sort of a game our family plays when we see 12:34 on a clock. Someone says, “1-2-3-4, now it’s time to praise the Lord!” and everyone mentions something they are thankful for. The kids are generally pretty predictable (“family,” “marshmallows,” “pets”), but I just love to hear them appreciating what they have. It’s so easy to take everything for granted.

5. Little Man is the happiest sick baby I’ve ever seen. It’s definitely less stressful to care for a sick baby who isn’t screaming all the time. Even so, I hope he gets over this cold (or whatever) quickly.

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