Friday, April 13, 2012

April 13, 2012

Ready for work. I have my Diet Pepsi, Pandora, and the Headset of Invisibility. You really shouldn't even be able to see me.


1. Another quote from Scrivnerburg -
Mom: "Nathan, how did you like the sweet potatoes?"
Nathan: " was kinda good. But it started off a new taste bud, and new taste buds come in grumpy."

2. Yummy sweet potatoes.

3. Baby giggles. Little Man was one giggle after another today.

4. My honey invited out to an impromptu lunch at Morningstar Caffeine and Cuisine. What a fun surprise!

5. My darling beloved (yes, he gets even more points for today!) put up the new cupboard in the laundry/craft room. The room is still a wreck, but I’ll fix that tomorrow. It’s really starting to look great in there!

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