Sunday, March 11, 2012

March 11, 2012

Little Man is wearing the bib I made for him today. I love it! Who knew sewing stuff for Baby would be so much fun?!?


1. Little Man was fine after a bit of back beating when he spit up and then inhaled. Whew! (If you need to know what to do with a choking baby, check this out -

2. We had a great time in church this morning.

3. More and more crafting this afternoon! I love the new bib I made for Little Man – here is the whole thing.

4. I got the crafty part of the laundry room cleaned up and organized. (Let’s pretend it wasn’t absolutely necessary because I lost my Velcro in the mess.)

5. Most of my family is capable of getting their own dinner. Yay for a relaxed Sunday evening! (One of my FB friends told me I need it after the choking scare, so I’m just being obedient.)

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