Saturday, March 10, 2012

March 10, 2012

(I didn’t take this photo today – I just prepared it for Bitterroot Family Fellowship’s Facebook page.)


1. It was a relaxed, crafty day. I love it! Here are the projects I made today – a skort for Kristi (she loves to wear skirts/dresses, but she plays like the boys, so her skirts need shorts under them), and the cutest ever booties for Little Man. I just love these things! (Yes, the buttons are well-secured.)
Skort diptych        cutest booties ever(Click picture for link to pattern/tutorial.)

2. A walk with the family in the sunshine. I love the looks we get with our little train of kids walking down the street.

3. Meeting up with my mom in town. It wasn’t just because she bought me goodies while we were shopping together downtown. But she did. Smile She bought me a waffle iron and this lovely thing.

4. Green grass is popping up! Apparently the grass hasn’t looked at the calendar to see that spring isn’t here for another 10 days. That’s fine with me – it’s looking mighty springy around here!

5. We set our clocks ahead this morning so everyone did dinner, baths, and bed on time (except maybe me). I’m hopeful that tomorrow will be smoother than the spring forward has been sometimes.

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