Saturday, May 7, 2011

Caleb at Tylers Party

Caleb at Tylers party.jpg by Elli :-)
Caleb at Tylers party.jpg, a photo by Elli :-) on Flickr.

I took my four younger boys to a birthday party today. They had a good time playing in someone else's yard and eating Spiderman cake. Caleb wore his Spiderman mask on his head most of the time. Goofy boy.

After the party we went to K&S Nursery in Corvallis. I love that place, but my appreciation is nothing compared to Caleb's opinion. All the boys were eagerly choosing hanging baskets for Grandma, and finding treasures they wanted, but Caleb was asking, "What's this one? Doesn't this one smell good? Will this one keep having flowers?" I asked them how old one has to be to become an apprentice at the nursery - I'm sure Caleb would love it! They said he's a bit on the young side. Bummers.

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Anonymous said...

Nice portrait of Caleb. Nice use of window lighting.

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