Sunday, May 8, 2011

I loved this view...

IMAG0217-1 by Elli :-)
IMAG0217-1, a photo by Elli :-) on Flickr.
I took this shot with my cell phone on the way to Hamilton. Spring is slowly working its way into the valley.

It was a good Mother's Day, although my sweetie wasn't here to celebrate it with us. While he was attending church and shopping in Indiana, we attended church and worked our little fingers to the bone here.

Andrew and Caleb cooked scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast today, and then we all headed off to church. When we came home Austin and Nathan prepared pizza for lunch, and then all of us started cleaning the front yard and the front of the house. I told the kids if they worked hard and did a good job I'd take them to Dairy Queen. It seems kinda crazy for a near-hermit like me to take 6 kids to DQ by myself, but I thought it would probably be the incentive they needed to work. It was a good plan - they all worked really well, and my house looks so so so so so much better! The broken toys are gone from the front yard, the mud is off the front of the house, the mess is out of the flower beds...yay!

So we headed to Nana's to drop off her Mother's Day flowers, and then we all went to DQ. They were almost perfect! It wasn't even stressful for me! Whoohoo!
We all enjoyed our ice cream, and then came home and collapsed all over the living room. We were so tired and stuffed with ice cream that we didn't even get around to the dinner Dale wanted to cook until 8pm!

It was really a nice Mother's Day! Thanks, kiddos!

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frommainetoflorida said...

Good Morning Elli! I may not be on Facebook, but I can still follow the happenings at Scrivnerburg :0) Love the views of the Bitterroot, sort of makes me homesick. But it's just too cold there :)

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