Friday, May 6, 2011

It's a Bug's Life

It's a bug's life by Elli :-)
It's a bug's life, a photo by Elli :-) on Flickr.

I wanted to capture the detail in these budding maple leaves...they're so tiny, and rough...very interesting. I've never photographed them at this stage. While I was studying and shooting this one somebody showed up for the photo op! Have I mentioned how much I love my 7d? The detail and sharpness I get with this camera just thrills me!

Another point - the fact that these leaves are coming out and the ant was crawling around means that spring really and truly is here! Whoohoo! Caleb keeps picking dandelions and asking me each time if it means spring is here. It's really hard to teach kids about the seasons when the seasons just won't change!


Anonymous said...

Nice composition Elli.

Gary said...

I love it!

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