Monday, February 7, 2011

Snow and tomatoes

The Daily Shoot assignment was to take a photo framed by a window or door – I wasn’t actually able to frame this by the window I shot through because it was the windshield of my Suburban. My cell phone couldn’t get the windshield too. I just liked the look of the snowy, wintery scene on Eastside Highway. Just for the record, I was not driving when I took this. I stopped the car (in the middle of the highway). There were no other cars within sight, so it was safe enough for that moment.
watercolor maybe
Because this was shot with my cell phone and then cropped down the resolution isn’t good, but I thought it kinda came out looking like a watercolor. I still like it, even though it’s just a cropped cell phone shot.

This was supposed to be a Berry Hat, but it came out looking more like a Tomato Hat, so I’m calling it a tomato. I think it’s cute as a tomato. It’s toddler-sized…now I need a toddler to model it…hmmm…how did my babies get so grown up that I can’t put toddler hats on them?


Anonymous said...

Cute indeed..Berry or Tomato, it doesn't matter as it's hand made.

Jeni M said...

I loooooove the tomato hat! I remember knitting a bunch of baby/toddler hats from the "Knit Hats" book 4 yrs ago --- that was way before i even got pregnant! Check that book out. You will love the patterns there. (i can share some patterns with you) I am now crazy over the potato chip and eternity scarves! Soooo easy and pretty! ;)

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