Sunday, February 6, 2011

What to do while waiting for the Super Bowl?

Make a baby hat! I wanted a quick, easy project for this afternoon, and I found this on 

Please forgive the less-than-stellar photos...I was having a lazy Sunday afternoon, and didn't take the time to really set things up properly. Here is the link to my project page on

Is it just my mood, or are the Super Bowl commercials disappointing this year?


Leslie said...

Are you kidding me? You made That is amazing. I'm sorry I haven't been around lately...took a litle break. I need spring to brighten me back up ;)

Amanda said...

Wow! Great hat! Will be awesome for newborn photos!

Nancy said...

You MADE that??? Do your talents have no end?? That's adorable! And it's not just you, I didn't think the commercials were so hot. Certainly not worth 3 million bucks per 30 second spot. I'd rather watch a 30 second shot of a screen saying "Instead of filming a lame commercial, we donated 3 million to -insert charity- " I'd buy that product!

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