Sunday, January 9, 2011

This is the day...

...this is the day...that the Lord hath made. (For those who aren't familiar, that's part of a song.)

This was a good Sunday. I got to play the piano at church today. It was really fun! It's the first time I've really enjoyed it in a long time! I liked the music we did, the people seemed to be into it, and I was reasonably comfortable with the music. Great combination!

Today's Daily Shoot assignment was "Embrace the shadows today and make a photograph dominated by dark tones, also known as a low-key image." I finally got a Daily Shoot photo that I really like!

Low-key is definitely not my forte, and I took 28 shots to get one that I liked, but I'm still learning, right? I'm going to go study Sandra's low-key stuff to learn how to do this! 


Anonymous said...

Wonderful shot Elli. Perfect lighting and great details on his eyebrows.

Nancy said...

Oh my word! What a gorgeous shot. I love it!!

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