Monday, January 10, 2011

I love finishing projects!

Today I finished the hood for Kristi. I love it! It looks so cute on her, and she thinks it's wonderful! I just hope she doesn't lose it!

Another important news item - Scrivnerburg is soon to be investigated for animal cruelty. Well, we will if the cat has anything to say about it. We obviously don't provide her with clean drinking water, so she must steal Ken's. 
It's not like there's a big, silver bowl full of water over on the kitchen floor. But even if we had such a thing, it would probably be touched by a dog's tongue, and would therefore be defiled. So the poor, unloved, under-appreciated feline is forced to dab for tiny drops of water left in a drinking glass. Such a sad story. (Wait - there IS a silver bowl of defiled water! But Cheerio couldn't possibly deign to swallow that nastiness!) And if we aren't cruel enough already, we have to leave the only drinkable water at the very bottom of a glass that's almost too big for the cat. Cruel, cruel, cruel.


Marshall Lynch said...

what a very nice hood it looks so cute on her.
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365 by K.O.S. Photography said...

I love it!! The color is beautiful! My cat does that same exact thing. Except she drinks out of mine!! I have to put an ice cube in her water bowl because she enjoys playing with ice cubes!!

frommainetoflorida said...

You did a wonderful job on the hood. Beautiful color on Kristi, but then she is a beautiful young lady.

Sandra said...

The cat is too funny!
What an awesome hoody - but that second picture of Kristy is gorgeous! Great lighting.

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