Saturday, January 8, 2011

Just a Saturday in Scrivnerburg

We had a low-key day! Whoohoo! Ken didn't get up until after 9am - I can't remember the last time that happened. I spent most of the day working on this...

This will be for's going pretty quickly, and it's very soft!

The neighbor girls were here a good portion of the day. One of the facts of having several children is that the neighborhood kids tend to congregate at our house. For a period of time this afternoon we actually had 12 people under 18 years old here! It sounds insane, but it really wasn't bad. Most of them were watching the new Nanny McPhee movie, and those that weren't were playing fairly nicely in a bedroom. We do have some pretty strict rules though - more strict that a lot of families. When I enforced the "talk nicely to people" rule 3 of the visiting kids went home, but one was back within minutes. 

When the movie was over we sent all the kids outside, and they quickly found things to do. This is Nathan's favorite past-time...

It has really been a nice, calm day. We will end it with a comfort-food dinner (chicken, gravy, mashed taters, salad), and haircuts. We really know how to party in Scrivnerburg! 

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Sandra said...

Awesome! I love it that you had an enjoyable day! That knitting looks so pretty and moving along fast too.
Your low key looks good to me :)
wanna talk you know how to get ahold of me LOL but it looks like you got.
Nicely done.

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