Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bonus post

I wanted to share this photo I took this evening. I had to wait for it to get dark to try spotlighting the hyacinth Mom bought today – it was a gift for the heartbroken Caleb, and he just loves it! (He was heartbroken that I made him go home with his Daddy instead of going to the store with us.) This shot was in response to the Daily Shoot assignment – “the most beautiful thing…”

I used Ken’s Gorilla Torch to spotlight the flower-to-be. Here is my setup shot…

Of course, for the actual shot, the dining room lights were off. See the Gorilla Torch hanging down from the light fixture? I love that thing! It’s magnetic, bendy, bright…it’s just awesome!


Anonymous said...

I like the spot lighting on the Hyacinth. That Gorilla Torch looks like an interesting gizmo ;)

Anonymous said...

Really like the picture.bc

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