Monday, January 24, 2011

"The Dark Side of Knitting"

Today's Daily Shoot assignment was to use a hard light source to create distinct shadows. Well...I didn't end up with distinct shadows because I chose the photo with the most drama. I have to laugh at the idea of "dramatic knitting." My Flickr friend Crow called it "The Dark Side of Knitting." I thought that was great. 

My backdrop got crinkled. Ergh...but here's the direction I was heading before I settled on "The Dark Side."

This project is a purse I started for the Bag-a-month Club over at

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Jeni M said...

Nice shot Elli! You know what you inspired me somuch I think I've gone knit crazy. Lol. Just started knitting again the past 2 weeks (after not doing it for more than 3 yrs!) and I've already made 5 kids' scarves and 2 cowls! Lol!!that that you recommended is awesome! I found another cowl pattern just tonight and i am up this late because of it! Lol

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