Saturday, July 31, 2010


The Daily Shoot assignment - “Make a portrait of somebody today. It can be somebody you know or a stranger. Maybe even yourself.” My portrait is of my 17-year-old daughter with her new car. Quite a momentous occasion for her!

Here’s a Scenic Saturday shot – the best garage door poppies in Stevensville! These poppies (which were displayed last week in full sun) are blooming happily in the corner of Mom’s garage door. They’re rooted in the seam of the pavement, and today they had 15 open blossoms. I just think this poppy plant is amazing!

3 comments: said...

Nice portrait shot Elli. She seems happy with her new car. I can imagine her feelings with her new car/freedom.

Gary said...

That's a great shot of your daughter!

I wish we had more poppies around here. My neighbors daisies are in full bloom though. Might have to take a walk tomorrow morning...

Sandra said...

Yay! Congrats to her and great picture. She looks so happy.

I'm still amazed that those poppies chose to grow there of all places. Very hardy plants.

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