Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday Meanderings

Monochrome Monday! As Caleb and I were taking our photo walk today we passed by these air conditioning units (I assume – they’re sticking out of windows in a building). Caleb pointed at the filter portion and said, “That’s black and white!” He was absolutely correct, so I shot it for my monochrome Monday photo. I like the pattern.

Word of the day – Catkin.  We also discovered these wonderful treasures on our walk. I knew they were the cottonwood flowers but I could not remember what they were called. Caleb and I talked about it for most of our walk, and when we got home the first thing we did was Google it. Catkins! That was it!

Amanda Hill shared this nice, simple storyboard on her blog recently– thanks Amanda! I put a few photos from the weekend in it just to test it out. I’m sure you’ll be seeing this layout often!


Amanda said...

Great monochromatic shot! Very original! Isn't it great the way kids see things that we don't always notice?! I think it would be nice used selectively as a texture also; more of a texture for a background.

Gary Schmeidler said...

Nice captures Elli, and thanks for the vocab lesson, I did not know they were called catkins!

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