Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I was working on texture again for this Texture Tuesday. Once again, I loosely followed this tutorial from Shadowhouse Creations to put this together. Here’s my texture:
texture test 2 copy

It’s a combination of these 4 files – one of them is actually used 3 different times. I used a variety of layer blend modes – mostly soft light and hard light.

Here I’ve used it very lightly on a photo on hard light mode:

I’m going to take a page out of Sandra’s book (heheh…book” – if you read her blog you will probably understand why I’m amused at myself) and share with you what I’ve been reading up on today. I spend way too much time every day reading photo blogs and looking at other photographers’ work, so I’ll share a bit with you. Here’s one site I found interesting… http://blog.epicedits.com/

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Sandra said...

Hey Elli, I really, really like what that texture did to the background. Great job.
Thanks for taking a page out of "my book" hehe.

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