Tuesday, March 9, 2010


So I tried some new stuff today. I was playing around with some textures after reading this tutorial over at Shadowhouse Creations.
texture test
So the rocks are a little too heavy in this, but I was just playing, so that’s okay. Anyway, I tried it out on this photo
after reading this tip and ended up with this…

I also used Jerry Jones texture on one of my weekend photos to try it out. Here’s the original…Canada-goose-checking-me-out
It’s fine, and I was reasonably happy with it since it was taken with my softest lens and all the colors of the scene were pretty bland. Then I ran added that Grunge Palette Texture with a soft light blending mode, and this was the result.Canada-goose-checking-me-out-edit
It’s not enough to make it look all Photoshopped – just enough to give it a boost. I never would have thought of using a texture this way before I saw it at Shadowhouse Creations, but I love this!


Sandra said...

Cool! I love textures and I love all the different ways of using them.

Anonymous said...

The goose pic is much mo better,, I can't see the difference on the rocks. bc

Leslie said...

I love that you are always playing and learning. I like it on the goose too :)

Gary Schmeidler said...

Nice work Elli! I like the edits to the rock picture, subtle but brings out the detail!

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