Monday, March 8, 2010


Well, it’s Monochrome Monday, so I will share a black and white photo…
I used Totally Rad Action’s Bitchin Black & White action to do this (I tried several other methods and didn’t like any of them – I kinda like this one). I only did this because is Monochrome Monday. I’m much happier with the color version…
Spring is coming, and I can tell because the tulips are coming up! So are the crocuses, but they weren’t as interesting yet.

I also have to share this funny little storyboard. This is Caleb’s current favorite lunch…
He was really ready for me to be done taking pictures of his lunch. That’s why he was hanging on the counter staring at it – he kept asking if I was done taking pictures yet. lol.


The Ross Family said...
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Sandra said...

Elli I like the color version of "spring" yay!
Well at least he asked and patiently waited. What a cute little man.

bakingbarb said...

Gotta love that lunch! I too prefer the colorful version. So nice to see spring buds.

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