Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I walked about on Walkabout Wednesday!! I haven’t done that nearly enough, but it was nice! It was a bit cool this morning, but it sure was pretty. Molly and I walked over to St. Mary’s Mission to see what we could see.
I love the progression of this little building…I kinda looks like, “Here’s the church. Oh, we need more space. Oh, we need even more space. Oh, we need a tiny bit more space.”

See all that fresh snow on the mountains? It’s not spring yet!! We still have a few days of winter left!


Sandra said...

That's too funny but you are right. I love the front of that building and the mountains in the back ground. Glad you got to go for a walk. Nice image.

Gary Schmeidler said...

LOL at the additions Elli! Nice capture, really like the mountains and ths sky as well!

Amanda said...

Very interesting church! It definitely looks like that's what happened! Beautiful frost in the mountains!

Mel said...

well tried to comment but my internet died, Love the progression of the church, it does look like they need "just a little more room"! The Mountains are pretty as well even if they have icky ole' snow on them!

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