Saturday, March 6, 2010


Wow! Day 65! Only 300 to go!

My sweetie and I went to Hamilton for some errands today. We stole a bit of time and had lunch at River Rising and then went to River Park for a stroll. As you can see from my photos, we strolled along the beach!
(This amuses me, because – as everyone knows – Montana is landlocked. There are no beaches here. The only time we really get sand is when the rivers are too low.)

Here are a few more shots I took while we were out walking. Notice that the goose is on ice, while a family is enjoying the spring weather at the river’s edge. I thought this was funny too – there’s still ice, and we’re all acting like it’s almost summer!


Sandra said...

Beautiful and it looks like spring doesn't it? I think we've been cooped up too long. Great images.

Jennifer said...

Bet it was nice to be out there.. Love that pix with tree and sun.

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