Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Walkabout Wednesday wasn’t too thrilling – again. It has been so foggy that I could walk for miles and never see anything different. This afternoon it finally cleared off for a while, but I had already taken my photos for today, so I didn’t get outside again.

Here’s one shot from walking from the school to my car (that’s a walkabout, right?)…
I love the lacy edges on these leaves. They got dressed up for the literacy lunch!

I was at the school for a Literacy Lunch. Each of the elementary classes has one every year. We do a literacy activity and then have lunch in the kids’ classroom. Today we made a cute little tree picture by tracing Kristi’s arm and hand on paper, cutting it out, then gluing it and colored leaves on blue paper. Caleb cut the fringies for our grass. He did a great job!

The first photo is Kristi coloring leaves. Our leaves represent many types of trees and seasons. lol. The second shot is Rose working doubly hard at her coloring! Next is our finished product, and then our yummy taco salad lunch.

Here’s a bonus shot of my beautiful little lady.


Mel said...

sounds like a fun day! (and walking to the car totally counts in my book!) Love the tree and the leaves as well!

CapturedMomentsbyRACHEL said...

love the tree!!! and the bonus picture is beautiful;)

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