Sunday, October 11, 2009

Day 350

We have a houseful of sickies today. Most of the kids aren’t really sick, but they’re germy, so I kept them home from church. A couple just have headaches and a little cough. No biggie. But Dale has been sick for a few days, as has Caleb. They’re both still miserable. Poor guys. Tomorrow might be time for a call to the doc. :-(

Kristi hasn’t seemed to be very sick – just a little cough – but she was in the boys’ room with them this afternoon and Nathan bumped into her. Apparently that was very painful to her broken collarbone! She came out howling and settled into a comfy chair where she stayed (sleeping) for the next 4+ hours!

Sorry these aren’t studio quality photos…it just isn’t happening these days. I will have some soon. If I don’t get some great shots earlier, I should have some next weekend after I do a few more church sessions.


Your Organizing Guru said...

Would that comfy chair KK is in be "Ken's" chair? LOL

snaphappee said...

Not this time. That one was the old, boring chair.

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