Sunday, July 5, 2009

Day 252

Today was pack up day at Nana’s. We had to be at church at 7:30am, so we got up and got to church, then came back, had a yummy lunch, and then packed up the camp. Whew!

Before we packed up Kristi was out back playing with her “pet grasshopper.” Yesterday she caught one and named it Samantha. She played with it for a while, but Samantha left. Kristi caught another one today and told me it was the same Samantha. This one didn’t seem any more willing to hang around, but Kristi is nothing if not persistent. Here is Samantha on Kristi’s leg…
Kristi's Samantha

And then Kristi looking for Samantha…
where are you Samantha

We’re home, and we’re gonna hang out here for a few weeks. This camping stuff is fun, but it’s hard work too! (Unless you have a permanent home in a campground and just have to travel there and sleep in a hammock.)


Anonymous said...

Well, all you're missing is the hammock. bc

Amanda said...

That is a cute story!! I hope Kristi finds Samantha again tomorrow! ;) Great shot...I know how quick you have to be to get a picture of those!

Tess said...

Aw, so cute!!!

Your Organizing Guru said...

Maybe Samantha can be found in your own backyard! :)

BTW, you know how I camp. ;)


Sandra said...

ROFL! Yeap, it's easy camping for me. Hey I figure if I'm getting "away" then why should I work harder than at home? LOL
But you know what? I still have to clean and cook, eh, never mind Dave cooks. LOL

Great "Samantha" story. You should scrapbook that one.

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